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The San Miguel is on Fire!

September 1, 2015

As the stream flow has receded, the San Migul River has been fishing great. Rainbows are plenitful in the water from Caddis Flat to below the Norwood Bridge...

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Paris Jons Takes his Boys Fishing

August 20, 2015

My good friend Paris Jons asked me to take his two sons Henry and Rooster and their friend Mark Doty fishing yesterday, and I scheduled a trip to Fish Creek Ranch near Dolores, Colorado...

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The Lower Dolores River

July 20, 2015

The Lower Dolores River, the Dolores downstream McPhee Reservoir, is, along with the Gunnison, one of my favorite fishing spot. Anglers I guide, often ask me where I like to fish on my free time...

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Dolores County Creek Fishing

July 5, 2015

Despite all the rains, the creek fishing in Dolores County near Lizard Head pass is great right now. You can basically look at map and find any creek around Lizard Head Pass and it will hold either Brook Trout or Cut Throats...

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Current Fishing Report

June 10, 2015

Curently there are fisheries in play in Telluride. The Lower Dolores is flowing at 50 cfs which is a pretty good flow flow for the river and there are lots of bugs coming off. On the Lower Dolores these bugs are the Pale Morning Dunn. When the fish cue on these babies they can be easy to catch - if you can fish with 6X tippet and get a near perfect drift. For some reason no one really understands, a PMD is to a trout what a lobster is to a human.

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Telluride Fly Fishing Spots : An Overview

June 1, 2015

Telluride's fly fishing water is primarily rivers without dams, or freestones. However, the Gunnsion, Lower Dolores and the Uncompahgre are below dams and are called Tailwaters. These tailwaters hold the most and the largest fish, but the free stones are solitary and can easily out perform the tailwaters on many days. The freestone rivers ebb and flow with the snowmelt and rains and are subject to droughts and floods. Our proximate freestone fisheries start getting good around the latter third of rafting season which is usually in mid June. Our, more distant, tailwaters are good when the water coming out of the dam is low enough to not flood the structure of the fishery.

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Off Season Kite Surf and Surf Trip to Central California

May 11, 2015

Off season was kitesurfing and surfing in the waves from Pismo Beach to Santa Cruz, California. Two days after driving thru the Navajo and Hopi Reservation, to Pismo Beach for the 2015 Pismo Beach Kiteboarding Exposition, I ordered my 5:3 mm hooded wetsuit and it was great to stay warm for the next 5 weeks in the 50 degree cold waters of the north Pacific Ocean.

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Ski Season Wrap Up

April 5, 2015

We've just arrrived at Gorrono Deck for the Pond Skim and Gorrono Ranch Ski Season Closing Day Deck Party at the Telluride Ski Resort. This amazing Easter Day "rager" was DJ'ed by Will Evans the Soul Atomic. This party was a fitting wrap up for the great 2014 - 2015 Telluride Ski Season.

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