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Telluride 2014-2015 Ski Season Wrap Up

April 5, 2015

We've just arrrived at Gorrono Deck for the Pond Skim and Gorrono Ranch Ski Season Closing Day Deck Party at the Telluride Ski Resort. This amazing Easter Day "rager" was DJ'ed by Will Evans the Soul Atomic. This party was a fitting wrap up for the great 2014 - 2015 Telluride Ski Season. Although the 300 inches of snowfall was a little below average, we got the snow when we needed it. It snowed hard before Christmas, before President's Day and another hard snow before Spring Break. There was more international flair on the mountain, and I have never heard so many skiers say, "we used to ski Aspen or Vail, but now we go to Telluride!" All these guests were so cool it will be great to have them come to town more often.

There were some significant highlights to the 2014-2015 Ski Season. The Telluride Ski Resort defeated Tom Chapman's claim to Bear Creek sole access, our back country skiers are back in force. It is great to see the Bear Creek crew ripping up the back country. In the park, the jumps were huge and the local Park Riders were killing it. The Village Express Chair lift was the perfect spot to view the Hoot Brown Park atheletes soaring and grinding. The Subaru Free Ride contest had great powder conditions for the contest and the competitors' airs include back and fron flips and helicopters.

Can't wait for the 2015- 2016 ski season to start. I know we'll find some other great activites in Southwest Colorado until then.