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Dolores County Creek Fishing

July 5, 2015

Despite all the rains, the creek fishing in Dolores County near Lizard Head pass is great right now. You can basically look at map and find any creek around Lizard Head Pass and it will hold either Brook Trout or Cut Throats. I did a creek trip off the West Fork of the Dolores Road a few days ago with the Blount Family from Houston Texas and each angler caught 6 - 10 of these little trout.

Creek fishing technique is pretty simple. I use a 6 foot leader (short) and tie my fly on with 5x, or four pound test. Stand 10 feet or so down stream from your targeted pool and cast any dry fly size #14 - #16 into the pool. Use high sticking to keep your fly line and the butt section of your leader off the turbulent water. Keep your eyes on the fly and get ready for a strike. If you get your fly caught in the brush on the sides of the stream, try standing in the stream and using the stream as a casting corridor.