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The Lower Dolores River

July 20, 2015

The Lower Dolores, the Dolores downstream McPhee Reservoir, is, along with the Gunnison, one of my favorite fishing spot. Anglers I guide, often ask me where I like to fish on my free time; one of my favorite places is the Lower "D." This July the Lower D has been awesome. The Pale Morning Dunn Hatch starts around 1.00pm near the damn. Most of the hatch is happening in the top three miles of the Lower D, just below the damn. However, sometimes you can find rising fish all the way down to Ferris Campground. You need to match this hatch perfectly and use 6x or three pound test. A size 24 Parachute Adams (very small) will work to catch most fish. Also try a Pink Cahill or a Sulfur Silhouette Dunn in a size 20 (very small).

If you can not find rising fish, your next best bet is to search the river with Hopper Patterns. Although the greatest fish densities are near the damn, I like the solitary miles of river which are lower on the river. However, I rarely fish down stream from the Lower Dolores Lodge.