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Current Fishing Report

June 10, 2015

Curently there are fisheries in play in Telluride. The Lower Dolores is flowing at 50 cfs which is a pretty good flow flow for the river and there are lots of bugs coming off. On the Lower Dolores these bugs are the Pale Morning Dunn. When the fish cue on these babies they can be easy to catch - if you can fish with 6X tippet and get a near perfect drift. For some reason no one really understands, a PMD is to a trout what a lobster is to a human. The word on the street is the Lower Dolores is pretty hit or miss right now. I would go down today, but I would also be ready to get skunked.

The best idea is a trip to the Gunnison between Chukar Trail and the Pleasure Park at the Confluence of the North Fork of the Main Fork Gunnison. The Stoneflies are out now in the millions - somewhere in the Gunnsion Gorge. To make this trip work you need to first, find where the stoneflies are. They migrate from the Smith Fork confluence up towards the East Portal over a 3-4 week time period from about June 10th to July 7th. But the flow of the migration and the start time varies annualy based on many variables, and its your job to figure out where they are the day of you trip. Another consideration is that if you are in the middle of the migration, you have to find a time they will take your imitation instead of one of the many "naturals" your immitation fly is competing against. Therefore, its best to be on the leading or trailing edge of the hatch instead of in the middle of the migration.

Remember, no matter how good your tye is, its wings don't flutter and its abdomen doesn't wiggle. Matching the hatch isn't to hard with a Salmon Fly - try to get about 6 variety of Salmon Fly tyes at either RIGS, Telluride Outside or TOADS fly fishing. Get some new school foam patterns and some traditional material patterns. If the fish are hungry, they will eat your pattern if you have a good drift. The fish are big, the big ones come up from the depths for these few weeks, so you better have some 3X or 4X tippet. I rig heavy 3X tippet because I really only care about landing the big fish. However, you will hook more fish with 4X tippet.

If you can go tommorow - DO IT! The game is on today on the Gunnison. Many big fish opportunities - but be warned, the Stone Fly hatch is a fickle game.