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Best Skis for Telluride Ski Resort: 2013

Telluride Skis for 2013: Bumps, Carve, Crud, Groomers, Jumps, Moguls, Powder, Trees



130/86/114, r= 16m @ 167cm
167, 174, 181
K2 Aftershock

K2's widest All Mountain Performance (A.M.P) ski. Wide enough under foot for crud and powder, shaped enough for corduroy. Take the K2 Aftershock onto Bald Mountain, Black Iron Bowl, Gold Hill Chutes or Palmyra Peak. Or just rip the Telluride Mountain Village Express Chairlift 4 at the Telluride Ski Resort. The rockered early tip and early tail rise promotes surfy, playful skiing. The amount of sidecut promotes carving - the best of both worlds. Word - Mid Fat.

127/80/109, r= 15m @ 167cm
160, 167, 174, 181
K2 Rictor

K2's 80mm AMP Ski. Designed for groomers and soft enough for bumps. Small turning radius and narrow waist make this ski quick and edgy. The narrow waist of this ski, 80mm wide underfoot, ensures control on firmer conditions - such as bumps or hardpack corduroy on the Plunge Chair 9. This ski works great for Telluride powder days less than a foot. If you have a race background and love Telluride bumps - which are everywhere from the Plunge Chair - 9 and Black Iron Bowl - this is the ski for you. Word - Mountain Skate.


127/78/113, r= 11.5m @ 166cm
DPS Cassiar 80sl

This 166cm ski has lots of shape, is narrow underfoot with a wide tip and tail. Lots of rocker and a sick Bamboo - Carbon Fiber core. So how cool is it that this ski comes in only 166cm - lay it on the line! Unreal light - I mean like air. Unreal quick with a 11.5m turning radius this is the Hibachi Knife of 2014 skis. You can arc/rail pure carve turns down Telluride Ski Resorts's See Forever and Sandia because this rockered DPS Slalom ski has a small turning radius. This ski's graphics are cool and clean - which is why I bought mine. Make no mistake, the DPS Cassiar will buck you in the Zulu Queen bumps if you get back or do not absorb. Less camber means less ski - camber absorption. I love skiing the bumps on Mammoth on this rockered shaped ski. DPS has serious Telluride roots as Rob Lieberman, a Telluride Local, a Telluride Outside Mountain Bike Guide, and a Valdez Heli Ski Guide was one of the DPS founders. DPS is in the same league as Peter Wagner's super cool Telluride Style ski line. Word - Mountain Figure Skate.


130/91/116, r= 17m @ 171cm
163, 171, 179, 186
Salomon Rocker 92

This ski was designed for Telluride Ski Resort's Black Iron Bowl and Gold Hill variable snow conditons and, also, Telluride Ski Resort's Hoot Brown Park. Carry this Mid Fat Ski up Stairway to Heaven and rip Gold Hill #9 Chute. Right - and , if you tilt this ski on Misty Maiden this ski has plenty of side cut to carve a trench. The Rocker 92 will arc and huck a ten footer no problem! Take this ski into soft bumps on Kant Makm, and it is versatile. You can get SICK face shots going down Kant Mak M on this ski - just straight run! Word - Sweet, forgiving, soft flex pattern.


128/95/115, r= 17m @ 171cm
163, 171, 179, 187
Volkl Bridge

Everyone knows most Volkl skis are a little stiff for Telluride's Plunge, Chair Nine moguls. The Volkl Bride is an exception to this rule and this is a popular ski among the Telluride Ski Resort Ski School. Probably the most popular ski among Telluride Ski Instructors for All Mountain. This ski will conform to the bumps on Mammoth, and you can "butter" the Bridge into Helicopter landings in the Hoot Brown Park. Put the Bridge on edge on Misty Maiden of the Telluride Ski Resort and it will carve. Hike to the powder in Black Iron Bowl and the Gold Hill Chutes. An awsome Volkl ski that does it all for Telluride's varied terrain. Word - Go on - ask a Telluride Ski Resort instructor!



128/84/112, r= 12m @ 153cm
146, 153, 160, 167
K2 Superstitious

I think this ski is cooler than the K2 Men's Aftershock because its got fresher graphics and a smaller turning radius. Early tip and tail rise make this ski versatile in variable snow, and with an 84mm waist, powder and crud is no problem. Put the Superstitous on edge and it will carve a trench. You have got to love the K2 Engineers because they get the idea of a forgiving flex pattern for female skiers. Word - this has a wood core which means less bucking!

121/90/115, r= 14m @ 159cm
149,159, 169
K2 Misdemeanor

A classic - The Misdemeanor has been around forever. This year's graphics are decent and the mid fat, rocker, twin tip design is perfect for advanced women skiers who like crud, moguls, park and powder. Another great feature of the Misdemeanor is that it has enough shape to arc on corduroy. Word - a shaped twin tip.


130/88/116, r= 16m @ 153cm
153, 161, 169, 177
Salomon Rockette 90

This is the ideal ski for women who want to explore soft bumps, Log Pile, and Powder. Enough shape that when you tilt this ski it will arc. But this ski's best attribute is its forgiving flex pattern. It is not as soft as the infamous Salomon Pocket Rocket, but its pretty soft. Absdolutely the best graphics on a 2013 women's ski at the Telluride Ski Resort.


127/87/106, r= 17m @ 156cm
142, 149, 156, 163
Volkl Kenja

The ultimate in frontside/backside versatility, the new Kenja delivers even easier turn initiation and more maneuverability in soft snow. On hard pack, this mid-stiff ski will hold an edge and carve like your wouldn't believe. While not ideal for complete beginners, the Volkl Kenja will allow intermediate and advanced skiers to realize their full potential. This is one of the most requested women's skis in Telluride!