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Wave and Wind Sport

Pancho is a well rounded waterman and has pursued wave and wind sports in California and Maui regularly over the last two decades. Pancho kites, surfs and windsurfs in the waves. Pancho hopes for future trips to Maui when he isn’t fishing or skiing.

Lateral Learning and Teaching for Transfer

Pancho endorses, practices and teaches lateral learning of boardsports. Lateral learning, or Teaching for Transfer, is “cross training” in a variety of similar sports to enhance one’s learning curve. For example, a snowboarder’s experience on a skateboard, skim board, Rip Stick and Indo Board speeds their learning of snowboarding. Similarly, a rider’s experience on a snowboard and a wakeboard speeds a rider’s kite surfing learning progress.

Lateral learning for skiers includes bicycling, in-line skating, ice skating, mountain biking, roller blading, roller skating, and unicycling.

Advanced board riders understand two concepts. First, balance is the primary skill involved in all board riding disciplines including skiing and snowboarding. Balance is a skill, not an ability: therefore, a person can improve their balance with practice. Second, the Rider-Board Performance Model is applicable to all board sports. Therefore, the snowboarding skills one acquires in Telluride, transfer completely to other board sports such as kite surfing, surfing or windsurfing.

Board riders are artists who paint three dimensional pictures with their bodies and boards as they move across a natural canvas. Water board sports, like kite boarding and surfing, have a moving canvas such as an ocean’s wave or a lake’s chop. Skiers and snowboarders have a stationery canvas, like corduroy, slalom gates, moguls or powder.

Yoga and Pilates segue into the Rider-Board Performance Concept: good posture and a strong stance set all board riders up for success. The breath, gaze and intent which one practices in yoga are important in all of our board riding, snowboarding and skiing endeavors.

Pancho’s Kiting & Wavesailing Equipment

Pancho surfs on Elua Makani surfboards and he wavesails on Goya sails and sailboards.

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Kiting with Pancho Winter
Wavesailing with Pancho Winter

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